Cannabis-related products such as CBD oil are strictly prohibited from the Amazon marketplace. This has led sellers to become creative with their product listings, such as using the term “hemp oil.”

Cannabis is increasingly becoming an accepted part of mainstream society. More and more people are using the drug regularly, and several states have made it legal. This has left many people questioning the implications this will have on major online retailers like Amazon. Currently, this service doesn’t facilitate the buying or selling of this drug. But this could be about to change. Let’s look at the future of cannabis products like CBD oil on Amazon. 

CBD Legalization & Amazon

First, let’s take a brief look at how far this drug has come. In 1995, most people in the United States were opposed to the drug. Presently, this has shifted, with most people supporting the legalization of cannabis products. This has caused multiple states to legalize the drug and many more considering allowing usage. Increasingly, major companies are offering cannabis products, like CBD oil. This is the case for Whole Foods.

Amazon purchased Whole Foods, which has multiple locations in America. There are reasons to believe that Whole Foods will start to sell cannabis products. First, the CEO, John Mackey, has been a vocal supporter of recreational cannabis use. In fact, in 2013, he argued that it should be legalized. Also, when he was recently asked about whether Whole Foods would start stocking cannabis products, he said that it would be a possibility. If this occurs, other large companies might also consider selling products like CBD oil and Amazon would likely consider stocking it on their platform. If they do, they could be making a lot of money from these products, as their popularity continues to grow. However, several significant obstacles might prevent Amazon from doing this. 

Amazon’s Obstacles With Selling CBD Oil Online

Though they could make a substantial profit from cannabis products, there are several logistical problems that Amazon would need to overcome before they could sell the drug. First, they would need to find a way to transport it to customers. For example, many traditional carriers like UPS and FedEx might refuse to transport it. They would also need to find a way to transport the drug interstate. Many laws regulate this area which can make the legalities very complicated. Also, they would need to upgrade their website to make sure that adults can only order it. Selling cannabis to minors is a serious offense, and Amazon will be keen to avoid any legal problems. 

With cannabis becoming more popular and widely used, many people are thinking about whether Amazon will get involved. This speculation increased further when Whole Foods, which Amazon owns, announced that they were considering stocking the products in their stores. However, as we discussed, several obstacles prevent Amazon from getting involved. This might slow down the company’s progress when selling cannabis products. But, Amazon has shown previously that they can overcome complex logistical challenges. So, don’t be surprised if you see cannabis products, like CBD oil, appearing for sale on Amazon soon.

Building A CBD Oil Brand To Sell Online

If you are looking to create your own CBD product to sell on Amazon, you can relate to the challenges other companies are facing. Creating a great CBD brand is critical to the success of your growth and sales. Selling your product(s) on multiple shopping platforms is part of the brand awareness strategy. Although you currently cannot sell cannabis-related products on marketplaces like Amazon, it is essential to prepare your brand for the day the opportunity comes.

Follow these simple tips to build a CBD brand that customers can relate to. If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to a marketing expert like Top Smoke Marketing. Contact us today and start growing your cannabis business!

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