The chances are that you’ve arrived here because you are looking to start your own business selling CBD oils. Selling cannabis products online can be a challenge but we have put together some great tips that will help you. If you want to sell CBD products on Amazon and your own eCommerce website, digital marketing is a must.

Many CBD business owners are mindful of the essential things, such as the nature of their target market, the benefits of the products they are selling, and so forth. But, many of them tend to forget one tremendously important thing: branding.

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CBD Branding Tips: Creating A Unique Cannabis Business

Below, we’ve gathered just a few reasons why branding is so crucial for your CBD oil business.


This is the most basic and essential reason for branding any product or business: distinguishing it from the competition.

In many ways, perhaps, unsurprisingly, there are still CBD oil sellers out there that forget the importance of branding.

With the legalization of these products more and more widespread, CBD businesses are faced with more competition than ever before. As a result, it is necessary to market your CBD oil based on visual representation and brand identity that stays in the mind of potential buyers and sets you apart from your competition. After all, there’ll always be someone else for your potential customers to choose from. Branding is the first step on the road to convincing them that you should be their first and only choice.

Communicating your aim as a business

In many ways, branding is one of the most effective ways to communicate to your customers what it is that you want to do for them as a CBD oil business. Branding, after all, amounts to so much more than a logo and a slogan. The concept of “branding” also encompasses one’s identity as a company, which helps customers know what you sell.

Drawing the right target market

The growing diversity of the CBD market means that you need to define your target market more than just “people who want CBD oil.” Discuss the uses and benefits of the product and give the customer reasons they need to purchase it. There are a great many CBD oils out there that can serve all types of people. Encouraging customers to see yours as particularly useful in a specific manner can grow brand loyalty tremendously.

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CBD Marketing To Grow Your Online Presence

Those looking to break into the business do face a great deal more competition than they might have in previous years, they also have a great deal more resources open and accessible to them. And naturally, given that more or less every form of business, to some degree or other, is conducted online nowadays, most aspiring CBD oil sellers will opt to market their products online.

Now that you have a reliable brand for your business, it’s time to get into the top digital marketing tips for your CBD oil business. Here are just a few great tips to help you grow!

Search engine optimization (SEO)

An absolute necessity for any business with an online presence. More or less anyone seeking out any or product – including CBD oil – is likely to start their search by running it through an online search engine. By optimizing your website for relevant search terms, you significantly increase the chances of it appearing higher on the list of results that these potential customers are perusing. By doing so, you can increase clicks, views, and sales.

Content marketing

While explicit advertisements or open “shilling” of a brand is still what most ordinary people think of when hearing the word “marketing,” the internet has opened brands up to a great variety of more subtle and substantial ways of marketing brands.

Content marketing, rather than merely pushing a brand onto a viewer from the beginning, instead opts to engage their general interest in subjects that the brand relates to, only marketing the brand itself subtly. In the case of CBD oil, growing legalization has made it possible for many brands to engage the interest of potential customers via such means as blogs, articles and videos relating to the substance – recommended uses, health applications, the CBD lifestyle, and so forth. Putting your brand across via more subtle content marketing is often the far more effective approach, as customers tend to be far more receptive to a brand that feels like it’s being suggested rather than forced upon them, and which is brought to their attention via an engaging and enjoyable medium.


Brand endorsements have existed long before the internet; but thanks to the rise of the “internet celebrity,” it is now a more popular method than ever.

Perhaps the most powerful aspect of influencer marketing, aside from its reach, is how it can allow brands to tap directly into their target markets. Thanks to the sheer amount of easily accessible online platforms, there are a vast amount of famous individuals on the internet who specialize in making content related to CBD oil. By receiving their endorsement, you can broadcast your brand to a significant number of individuals within your target market. You can also have it promoted to them by an individual who they trust on such matters. While sometimes expensive, influencer marketing can be tremendously useful.

We hope that this article has helped to answer some of the questions you had on marketing a CBD brand. At Top Smoke Marketing, we offer expert services to grow your cannabis business. If you have any questions about digital marketing strategies and our process, please contact us today.

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