To get sales in any market, you need people to know who you are and where you are. Using social media to do this is not as easy as you think. Anyone can post adverts for their products and hope that this will create sales, but the truth is it probably won’t be that successful. People like to know who they are dealing with before they buy. Creating your brand image is very important, and so here are some marijuana social media strategies that build fans & sales.

Build A Brand For Social Media

The first thing you need to do to build a brand that people trust is to create interesting content, be knowledgeable about your product and show people that you are a business that cares. Have a business image that gives people confidence. Making sales is important but having regular return customers is the heart of any consumables business. So, your customers need to know that you are reliable and that your products are of excellent and consistent quality. Showing that you understand your product and understand why yours is better than the competition helps to convey this image.

Engage With Your Audience and Be Yourself

Once you have built some credibility, you need to engage your customers/potential customers. An excellent way to do this is by asking a question. Social media make it easy to set up polls so take advantage of this. Make your questions something that people will have an opinion on but not that will start a heated debate. This keeps them interested in your posts but also lets them express some of their personality.

If you ask the right questions, it also tells you something about your client base. This, in turn, will show you how to aim your posts towards the sort of people who are buying your products, or how to develop a new tone or strategy to aim for another market. However, if you do this, be sure to merge it with the current style so as not to alienate the current customer base.

Build Product Awareness and Sales

With smartphones and selfies being a big trend encourage your customers to upload pics of themselves with your product. Get them to use hashtags with their pictures and share the hashtags with their friends. Ask for reviews or even build an advocacy plan to get the right people talking about your products. There is no better sales advert than a personal recommendation from a friend.

How about having some competition? The prize doesn’t necessarily have to be big if the competition brings out the competitiveness of your customers. The idea is to get your customers involved. You can find some of the best social media contest and giveaway software here.

Remember, the main aim of your marijuana social media strategies that build fans & sales is to build trust, engage your customers, and get them to spread the word to their friends about your incredible product. You must have the quality and reliability in your product to maintain your original customer base, and then these marijuana social media strategies will serve to build you a more substantial and more significant customer base.

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Written by Top Smoke Marketing
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